Recycle Computer Parts

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Recycle Computer Parts

Why You Should Always Recycle Computer Parts

If you have been dumping your computer parts in trash cans, then you have to think again. It is better and more beneficial to recycle computer parts. Some of the reasons it is better to recycle computer parts have been outlined below.

They contain chemical

Remember, the world is going green. The danger of global warming is real. Apart from the fact when chemicals seep into the ground, they kill the fertility of the affected soil, they sometimes give off dangerous gases that can be harmful to humans when inhaled.

Some of these gases get to react with the ozone layer that protects the earth from the UV rays of the sun. And when they do, they chop off a bit of the ozone layer. Computers contain chemicals and materials that are hazardous to the environment. When they are destroyed, the chemicals are released. So, it is always better to recycle computer parts.

It is even illegal in some states

Due to the dangers mentioned above, it has become illegal to throw computer parts away with regular garbage. And the penalty is stringent when you are caught. Plans are on to outlaw it the remaining states.

They end up in 3rd world countries

Most of the e-waste will find their way into 3rd world countries if they are not processed through electronics recycler. Apart from the fact that many of these countries are not aware of the danger caused by dumped e-waste, they also lack the technology and human resources to address the issues.

It leads to pollution

This is part of what causes the death of livestock and humans in some of these countries. This is because some chemicals from e-waste seep into main water supplies rendering the water poisonous. This causes either death or serious medical conditions for those (humans and livestock) that get to drink out of the water.

Environmental damage

When your laptop or parts of your computer are not channeled through a certified E-cycler, they may end-up in a landfill and they may cause environmental damage to your own community and to the community around.

Information theft

Do you know that the hard disk drive and other storage media of your computer can be removed from dumpster and fixed even if they are damaged? Anybody that fixes your hard drive already has access to your data.

Some years ago, a couple took snapshots of themselves naked. The shots were transferred to their laptop later. Unfortunately, the laptop packed up and they discarded it. Someone found it in a dumpster and fixed it. He had access to the pictures and he released it and the pictures went viral.

Yours may not be nude pictures, it could be some other confidential information. So, to avoid being a victim of information theft, never dispose of any part of your computer in a trash can. It is not even information theft. Any item found in a dumpster cannot be referred to as a stolen item. So, even if you file a law suit, you won’t win. A certified e-cycler will definitely protect your identity and confidential information if he runs into any.

In conclusion, apart from the reasons listed above, you should always recycle computer parts and other electronics because it is simply the right thing to do.


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