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I am pretty sure rodents, cockroaches and mosquitoes are creatures no one likes entertaining in their around. This has prompted inventions of many forms aiming to get rid of these creatures. One breakthrough technology is the use of ultrasonic sound to injure, scare or kill such pests. A pest repeller is an electronic device which can be used on a wide range of pests while posing zero health risks to its users. However, what do ultrasonic pest repellers do? This article aims to shed light and help you understand the knowledge and ideas behind this technology.

Ultrasonic pest repeller works by killing rodents, insects, spiders, and mosquitoes through emitting ultrasonic or high-frequency sounds. These devices emit waves reaching frequencies between 30 to 55KHz, the right amount to drive any pest insane.

How is it possible to kill all these creatures using sound?

Well, the logic behind this technology is that any sound wave having high frequency irritates any creature in its path. Human beings cannot hear sound waves having high rates but are very much audible to small creatures. The rodents, mosquitoes, and insects get much irritated by these sounds hence run away.

Unlike the old methods, ultrasonic pest repellers are affordable and quite reasonable. This because you can choose the pest repeller depends on the kind of pest you want to get rid of. The range of frequency is of utmost importance, that is, for example; the sound frequency needed to kill a mouse is different from one required to execute a mosquito.

Do they give the desired results?

The main setback experienced initially with ultrasonic pest repellers is that pests such as rats became used to the sound waves hence had zero effect on them. However, the developers realized that if the device frequency could be varied with time, it worked wonders.  This because the pests are not used to changing frequencies hence cannot cope with them.

Additionally, only a unit is required for a room. One ultrasonic pest repeller can cover a maximum of 2500 square feet (0.02 ha). When the frequency is set at the maximum, the device can deprive the room all kind of pests within days. For quality results, you can change the ultrasonic device position occasionally. This ensures the sound waves are spread in all directions across the room.


Ultrasonic pest repeller can be used in any environment: an office, warehouse or our homes to reduce if not eliminate a population of a variety of pests. They do not contain any chemicals making them suitable for homes having kids or pets which may consume a poisonous mixture intended to kill the pests.


Stellar Repeller which is an eco-friendly ultrasonic pest repeller. Would it not be fantastic if all you have to do is plug in a small electric device and pap! All the pests are gone. Imagine no setting traps, dealing with dead mice or poison. That's the pleasure and allure that ultrasonic pest repeller brings you. Be sure to get one and enjoy the endless advantages of using this environment-friendly technology. 

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